Our missions

For over 60 years, Cosmet’in Lyon has been a place for exchanging and sharing ideas, as well as a network of professionals with complementary skills.

Facilitate collaborative research initiatives across various disciplines in partnership with centers of excellence in fields such as cosmetics, biology, plastics, leather, textiles, and the chemical industry

Collaborate on training sessions in partnership with other organizations.

Promote relationships between academic researchers and industry

Cultivate relationships with nearby professional associations such as the French Society of Cosmetology, Cosmetic Valley, Allizé Plasturgie, Innov’alliance, and others

Support research initiatives developed in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

Establish connections with international professional associations through participation in international exhibitions such as In-Cosmetics, FCE Cosmetique in Brazil, SCS Formulate in England, and more.

Coordinate specialized training workshops on scientific subjects relevant to professional schools.

Promote the scientific activities of our members

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