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Center of expertise in dermo-cosmetics and biometrology

Supporting in the areas of marketing development, scientific communication & medical relations and training

Consulting laboratory in innovation, formulation, and development for make up products

Senior Project Management (directrice de projets/ PMO/ chef de projet opérationnel)/ Assurance Qualité

1 rue Jacques Monod
69007 LYON


Regulatory and scientific support to companies offering cosmetics

Development, manufacture and marketing of active ingredients for cosmetics

Supplier of cosmetic raw materials

Research and Development in vectorization/microencapsulation

Sevessence est une maison française qui propose des parfums, des compositions parfumées naturelles et biologiques. Précurseur des smart fragrances®, nous maîtrisont également l’art de conjuguer les vertus établies des huiles...

Supplier of ionized and mineralized water for the dermo-cosmetic industry under the brand name Advanced Water S-100, an active and excipient with unique and innovative properties

8 rue Pasteur

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Expert in biotechnologies, encapsulation technologies and skin aging, Mibelle Biochemistry develops and produces innovative cosmetic active ingredients with a proven efficacy.

Located in the heart of the HA Valley, in Annecy, Falgagen is a French company supporting the Life Science industry in the conception, development, and integration of medical devices comprising...

Conseil en Recherche et Innovation Produits cosmétiques et dispositifs médicaux

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