Christel BOUDRY
<p>Crealys Science Park<br /> rue Jean Sonet, 10<br /> 5032 ISNES (Belgique)</p>
+32 (0)81 72 85 84
Testing services


StratiCELL is a provider of in vitro efficacy testing, offering to main dermo-cosmetic players a large panel of skin models and assays to objectivate efficacy claims with reliable data and illustrations :
– Anti-ageing
– Skin barrier
– Whitening and pigmentation disorders
– Protection against pollution and light damages
– Inflammation and eczema
– Skin microbiota
– Neuro-cosmetique
– Whole genome expression analysis, and targeted gene expression analysis

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R&D operations done by StratiCELL can benefit from the French taxes credit “Crédit d’Impôt en faveur de la Recherche” (CIR).

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